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There are a few rare trackers out there that I love to review, one such tracker is CombicBT (ComicBook Tracker). This tracker is targeted at comic book fans (hence the name).

comic1 and open Sign ups!

Since the footer was taken out, we are guessing that the tracker is running on TBDev. The layout of the tracker is quite nice, and matches the theme of the tracker.

comic2 and open Sign ups!

The tracker lets you download/upload more then just . It actually lets you download/upload any type of torrent related to , such as and . Movies such as Spiderman and Batman and such as Smallville are filled in to those categories.

comic3 and open Sign ups!

The image above shows a glimpse of some of the uploading rules related to the types of comic books and movies that can be uploaded.

comic4 and open Sign ups!

The community is growing quite small at the moment, with torrents beating the amount of registered users. But since this is a niche market, don’t expect it to soar to the same lengths as some of the 0-day/General trackers.


Site Name: Comicbook Tracker (

Site Type: Comic Books

Site Source Code: TBDev?

Signup URL:


  • Appz
  • Comic Books
  • Movies
  • Packs
  • TV Shows
  • Magazines

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