File Sharing, P2P and Tracker News Review (and open signups)

HD-Torrents as you can guess is one of the larger High-Definition torrent trackers. Disabling over 7700 accounts, the have “decided to open the tracker for registration to a total limit of 38,000 members. The site will open at 16:00 GMT on 03.10.11″.

 hd torrents main HD Review (and open signups)

The tracker has a huge amount of Hi-Def movies (13354 active torrents at the time of this post), while trying to increase their user base by up to 38000. This will definitely drive the number of torrents up, while the seeders for each torrents will increase as well (great news for old content).

hd torrents torrents HD Review (and open signups)

The tracker divides their into standard movie :

hd torrents cat1 HD Review (and open signups)

And type categories such as , Anime, movies, and Music. The categories are usually divided between 1080p and 720p. The Anime and music is mostly lossless.

hd torrents cat2 HD Review (and open signups)

The forum is quite active as well.

hd torrents forum HD Review (and open signups)

If you plan to join, you must follow these rules or your account will be disabled:

  • If you have a combined download total in excess of 25 GB and your ratio is below 0.70 you will receive two consecutive warnings. Failure to act upon the warnings and increase your ratio above 0.70 will get your account disabled.
  • You are required to download at least 15 GB each quarter (90 days). Each quarter starts respectively on 1st day of January, April, July and October and ends on the last day of March, June, September and December. If on the 26 day of the last month of each quarter you are bellow the 15 GB minimum, you will receive a reminder. If on the last day of the quarter you still do not meet the requirement, your account will be disabled

Overall, HD-torrents is a great tracker for HD-Torrent content, there are lots of internal groups  such as  HiDt, ViSTA™, DNL, HDMaNiAcS and KRaLiMaRKo. If you enjoy Hi-def content, it is your opportunity to join.

Site Name: HD-Torrents (

Tracker Signup URL:

Site Type: Niche HD Torrents (High Definition)

Site Source Code: Unknown

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Documentary
  • Drama
  • Ebooks
  • Exploitation
  • Family
  • Gore
  • Hidden Gems
  • Horror
  • Martial Arts
  • OST
  • Other
  • Sci-Fi
  • Western
  • XXX

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  1. looking for a invite i lost my old mail acc and forgot passw
    and i miss the site
    pls send me a invite

  2. Hernando /

    You can receive HD-Tprrents, BitMeTV, What.CD, IPTorrents, TVTorrents, BitGamer,Filelist invites here:

  3. Fan /

    I have just received an invite to from this page:

    Now I’m downloading Avengers :D

  4. Hernando /

    Hernando / August 15, 2012

    You can received BitMeTV, What.CD, IPTorrents, TVTorrents, BitGamer,Filelist invites here:

  5. Castle Fan /

    Got an invite from:

    Great site for the tracker invites.

  6. Hernando /

    You can receive all invites here (new website):

  7. HD-torrent official staff /

    You can receive any torrent invites over:

    This site has been up since 2011 and I received many invites over there.

  8. Hernandose /

    You can receive all invites like HD-Torrents, IPTorrents, TVTorrents, BitMe, BitMeTV, RevolutionT here:

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