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Streaming Videos/Music on Your Seedbox VPS

Do you own a VPS seedbox and want to stream Movies and/or on it? There are a variety of programs that let you stream videos and from your VPS seedbox to your computer at home without downloading the file. Furthermore, it could be streamed on to your iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device. One of the main benefits is that you do not have to have the file to your computer (which protects your rights, sort of).


One of the best programs to stream movies/music is called Subsonic.

Subsonic Streaming Videos/Music on Your Seedbox VPSIt is possible with this software to stream video/music on to your mobile device from your Seedbox VPS.

Capture11 Streaming Videos/Music on Your Seedbox VPS

One note is that it is a bit of a memory hog. You should use this only on VPSes with powerful CPUs and more than 1 GB of RAM.

How to install on /Debian:

  sudo apt-get -y install sun-6-jdk lame flac faad vorbis-tools ffmpeg
  sudo mkdir -p /var/subsonic/standalone;
   -O ~/subsonic.deb
  sudo dpkg -i ~/subsonic.deb

You may use Subsonic with your IP:4040. For example,


Another favourite is Zeya. It lets your stream music with almost no memory usage. It will only stream music, and not video. But it does not need flash, and will work on almost all browsers using HTML 5.
zeya2 Streaming Videos/Music on Your Seedbox VPS

How to install the latest Zeya on Ubuntu/Debian:


First you want to create a user and add a home directory (change youruser to Your username):

adduser youruser -m /home/youruser

and now to install Zeya:

sudo apt-get -y install mpg123 flac faad python-tagpy vorbis-tools git-core
cd /home/youruser
git clone
su youruser -c "screen -S Zeya -d -m ~/zeya/ --path=/home/youruser/music");

Then visit http://YOURVPSIP:8080 in your web browser.
There are other music/video media players out there. These are some of the best. From memory hog that does it all, subsonic, to low-memory media player Zeya.

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