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Jan 9, 2012 was a high-definition Blu-ray torrent tracker that has recently transformed itself as a usernet instead of remaining a tracker. Dear member, If you have not noticed it yet, has restarted a few days ago as a Usenet site with the same kind of content as before (BD9 / BD25 and BD50). To read more about this change, follow this... is closing is closing

Jan 6, 2012

Due to a lack of funds, another tracker is closing it’s doors. If you haven’t heard of UK-Two, it was a small but sturdy general tracker. As you may have noticed or will notice UK-two is closing. I have tried every avenue I could think of to keep it open but with low donations I simply can not afford to pay yet another month. Uk-two has been a... Open Signups and Review Open Signups and Review

Jan 4, 2012

Are you into watching cartoons and late night cartoons such as Adult Swim, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, or MTV shows? Myspleen is the place to get some quality shows that are missed on most other trackers such as “Are you afraid of the dark?” and other classics that you most of watched as a kid growing up. It also includes MTV shows such as...