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Are you into watching cartoons and late night cartoons such as Swim, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, or MTV shows? Myspleen is the place to get some quality shows that are missed on most other trackers such as “Are you afraid of the dark?” and other classics that you most of watched as a kid growing up. It also includes MTV shows such as “Beavis and Butt-Head” and some recent MTV Specials.

myspleen main Open Signups and Review

Being on the market for almost 7 years, Myspleen has increased their members base by a large number. With just over 23,000 members, there are lots of seeders for only the 4400 torrents that they hold. They only hold the obscure . If you can’t find the obscure  show you’ve been looking for on other trackers, Myspleen might just have it.

myspleen torrents Open Signups and Review

From this picture, you can see the different types of categories.

MySpleen Torrents Open Signups and Review

One of the problems with the is that the forum software that they use (phpbb) is not integrated with the tracker. Each members has to make a new account. But, being an old community, the forums are quite active. myspleen forums Open Signups and Review

The FAQ is posted here:

myspleen faq Open Signups and Review

One of the best advantages of Myspleen is the community. About 70-80% of requests are filled. It is also quite easy to get a membership if you have a friend who is a member as members can accumulate invites quite quickly.

Site Name: MySpleen (

Site Signup link:

Site Type: Cartoons, Obscure TV Shows, Star wars.

Site Source Code: TBDev?

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  • Animation RSS
  • Cartoon Network RSS
  • Comedy RSS
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  • Nick RSS
  • Other RSS
  • Star Wars RSS

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