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Jan 4, 2012

Are you into watching cartoons and late night cartoons such as Adult Swim, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, or MTV shows? Myspleen is the place to get some quality shows that are missed on most other trackers such as “Are you afraid of the dark?” and other classics that you most of watched as a kid growing up. It also includes MTV shows such as...

Desitorrents Open registrations from today till October 12th!

Desitorrents Open registrations from today till October 12th!

Oct 6, 2011

As we mentioned before, Desitorrents will be having open sign ups from October 6th till October 12th. Now is the time to join if you enjoy Bollywood/Indian movies, tv shows or music, you need to join Desitorrents. Be aware that for the first 6 months, you must maintain certain activity level, whether it be forum or tracker activity. If you do not, you are... Review (and open signups) Review (and open signups)

Oct 4, 2011

HD-Torrents as you can guess is one of the larger High-Definition torrent trackers. Disabling over 7700 accounts, the admins have “decided to open the tracker for registration to a total limit of 38,000 members. The site will open at 16:00 GMT on 03.10.11″.   The tracker has a huge amount of Hi-Def movies (13354 active torrents at the time of this... Review Review

Oct 3, 2011

Cinemageddon is one very niche movie tracker. It specializes in movies that have low ratings, on a low budget, rare, or cult. The rules of the tracker:  The movie has a rating lower than 5.0 on IMDB and has not had a theatrical release within the past 12 months.  The movie was made on a low budget. A low budget it debatable..  The movie is rare. If google... Review (And open Signups) Review (And open Signups)

Sep 27, 2011

TehConnection (TC) does have open sign ups very often, but the good news is that they are open today. While movie buffs and the like have been waiting for this opportunity, previous open signup have not last very long (so you better act fast). TehConnection is a general movie tracker with mostly English movies and foreign movies with subtitles). What is really...